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School Staff

Headteacher Mrs C. Shiels
 Assistant Head/Class 3 Teacher Mrs L. Hansell/Ms S Butts
Class 2 Teacher Mrs C Stokes
Class 1 Teacher Mrs H Fallon
School Business Manager Mrs S. Inns
School Administrative Assistant Mrs M Marsh
 Nursery Nurse Mrs B Kell
 Teaching  Assistants Mrs Burton 
  Mrs D. Calvert
  Miss S Blanchard
  Mrs T Wheatley
Senior Midday Supervisor  Mrs D Calvert
 Midday Supervisors Mrs M. Wardill
  Mrs A. Burton
  Mrs S Blanchard
Driver-Kitchen Mrs C Varley
Catering Assistant Mrs K Chadwick
Caretaker/Resources Mr P. Naylor

For further information please click on the links below.  Due to staff changes in the school and across the federation, please note staff roles and responsibilities are currently being reviewed.  An updated list is coming soon.

Child Protection Lead

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Subject Co-ordinators