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  3. Home Learning Summer Term 2 - 2021
  4. Week Commencing 19 July 2021

Week Commencing 19 July 2021

Reading - Friday 23rd July

In this daily newsroom article 'Anglo-Saxon Cave House' you will learn about a cave dwelling that archaeologists thought was an 18th-century copy but now believe to be a 9th-century original. The cave is even believed to once have been home to King Eardwulf who was later made a saint and known as Saint Hardulph. Read the information and then answer the comprehension questions. 

Spelling - Friday 23rd July

Year 4 - Here are some spellings for you to practise: 

Year 5 - Here are some spellings for you to practise:

Year 6 - Here are some spellings for you to practise:

Reading - Thursday 22nd July

In this daily newsroom article 'Branson in Space Race' you will learn about how two business people, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, have both been to space. Read more to find out how and when the two business people ventured into space and then answer the comprehension questions. 

Maths - Thursday 22nd July

Summer Number Puzzles

  1. I collect some shells on the beach. I multiply the number of shells by 5. I then subtract 15, multiply by 7, and divide by 2. I end with the number 735. How many shells did I collect?
  2. I decorate my sandcastle with flags. I multiply the number of flags by 7. I then add 78, multiply by 4, and divide by 3. I end with the number 300. How many flags did I use to decorate my sandcastle?
  3. I practise cartwheels on the sand. I multiply the number of cartwheels by 8. I then subtract 132, multiply by 10, and divide by 4. I end with the number 30. How many cartwheels did I do? 

Art - Wednesday 21st July

Summer Art

Summer has inspired many artists. Use the internet to research pieces of art based on summer. Draw a summer picture based on your research. 

Maths - Wednesday 21st July

Summertime Addition and Subtraction Maths Mosaic - Colour in the picture when you work out the answers to the addition and subtraction calculations. A great way to practise while having fun. 

French - Monday 19th July

Summer Languages

Use the internet or a French dictionary to find out what the following words are in French:

  • summer
  • sun
  • holiday
  • beach
  • hot
  • hotel
  • tent
  • flowers
  • sandcastle
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • garden
  • camping
  • sun cream
  • swimming pool
  • sunglasses

Assembly - Monday 19th July

Today's assembly is 'Picture News'. 

The world's largest ever trial of a four-day working week and reduced working time has been described as an "overwhelming success" following a 5-year pilot held in Iceland. Many are now calling for similar pilots to take place in the UK. Since the pilot concluded, 86% of the working population in Iceland now either work reduced hours or have flexibility to do so. 

Things to talk about at home...

  • Do you think that if schools had a four-day week instead of a five-day week you would be likely to work harder or not as much?
  • Thinking about breaktimes in school, why do you think it is important to have breaks? How do you feel after you have had a break? What about long breaks such as holidays? 

Maths - Monday 19th July

Summer Multiplication Mosaics - Here are some fun times tables worksheets.