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  1. Curriculum
  2. Class 3
  3. Home Learning Autumn 2021 - Term 1
  4. Week Commencing 6 September 2021

Week Commencing 6 September 2021

Topic - Tuesday 7th September

Our topic this term will be 'Vikings and Anglo-Saxons'. What do you already know about this topic? Write some sentences and draw a picture to go on display next to the working wall, at the back of the classroom. 

Topic - Tuesday 7th September

Our topic this term will be 'Vikings and Anglo-Saxons'. Your task today is to create a poster with the title 'Vikings and Anglo-Saxons'. On your poster, please draw and label pictures to show what you already know.

'Anglo-Saxon Roundhouse' Project - Wednesday 8th September, Thursday 9th September and Friday 10th September

Your task is to create a model Anglo-Saxon Roundhouse (using breadsticks) and then write a set of instructions that tell somebody else how to make it. You must:

  • Use as many complete breadsticks as possible to create your frame
  • Add to the frame to make it look more realistic
  • Make sure that your house is sturdy
  • Write a set of instructions that meet the given success criteria

You will be given points for:

  • Strength of the structure, e.g. Does it wobble? Does it stay standing without leaning on anything? (5 points)
  • Number of complete breadsticks used, e.g. How many complete breadsticks have been used to create your frame? (5 points)
  • Planning and organisation, e.g. Have you planned what your structure will look like? Is there a sheet of paper that shows your planning? (5 points)
  • Your written instructions linked to the success criteria (5 points)

Judging will take place at 3:00pm on Friday 10th September and prizes will be awarded on Monday 13th September.