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  4. Week Commencing 4 October 2021

Week Commencing 4 October 2021

History - Friday 8th October

Today you will be finding out about the Viking invasions of Britain. 

Can you remember how many kingdoms there were in England in the 8th century? There were seven kingdoms. This meant seven kings who were constantly trying to gain power and fend off the Britons. However, in 793 the Vikings invaded England and began a new period in British history. Read the slides to find out more. 

Year 5 - Imagine that you are able to interview an Anglo-Saxon to find out how he feels about the Viking invasions and what they plan to do to protect themselves. Write a list of questions that you might ask. Repeat for interviewing a Viking.

Year 6 - You are going to be learning a song showing the Viking invasions from both the Anglo-Saxon and Viking point of view. Listen to the song - the lyrics are on the Viking Song Sheet. Have a go at singing along to the Viking Backing Track. Whose side are you on?