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  3. Home Learning Autumn 2021 - Term 1
  4. Week Commencing 27 September 2021

Week Commencing 27 September 2021

History - Friday 1st October

Today you will be exploring what Britain was like before the first Viking invasions.

When did England become England? How is a country formed? Over the coming lessons we will be finding out when England became a unified kingdom and how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings struggled for power over hundreds of years. Can you remember when the Romans came to Britain? When did they leave? Who lived in Britain after the Romans left? 

Year 5 - Have a look through the Fact Cards. Use the evidence to answer the questions on Worksheet 1A.

Year 6 - Answer the questions on Worksheet 1D to predict what you think life was like in Britain in the 8th century. When you have completed your prediction, read the Fact Sheet to see if your prediction was correct.