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  1. Curriculum
  2. Class 3
  3. Home Learning Autumn 2021 - Term 1
  4. Week Commencing 13 September 2021

Week Commencing 13 September 2021

Reading - Monday 13th September


English - Monday 13th September


Arithmetic - Monday 13th September


Maths No Problem - Monday 13th September


Reading - Tuesday 14th September


English - Tuesday 14th September


Arithmetic - Tuesday 14th September


Maths No Problem - Tuesday 14th September


Reading - Wednesday 15th September


English - Wednesday 15th September


Arithmetic - Wednesday 15th September


Maths No Problem - Wednesday 15th September


Spelling - Wednesday 15th September


Religious Education - Wednesday 15th September


Handwriting - Thursday 16th September


English - Thursday 16th September


Arithmetic - Thursday 16th September


Maths No Problem - Thursday 16th September


Science - Thursday 16th September


PSHE - Friday 17th September


Computing - Friday 17th September


Geography - Friday 17th September

Today you will be locating Scandinavia's countries and major cities on a world map. 

Have you heard of Scandinavia before? Do you know what it is? Do you know where it is? Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe which is made up of three countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Read the slides to find out more. 

Year 5 - Using the Scandinavia Map Sheet and Worksheet 1A, label each of the countries and capital cities of Scandinavia, then answer the questions. 

Year 6 - From what you have found out about Scandinavia so far, how do you think it might be like the UK? How might it be different? Write down you ideas, thinking carefully about things such as population, climate, and landscape.