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Lunchtime Art and Craft Club with Mrs Burton

Children of all ages can attend this club when they choose to.

Each week there is a different activity for them to do, usually to correspond with the season or any special occasion that is taking place.

The aim of the club is for the children to have fun producing something to take home whilst practicing their fine motor skills such as scissor action and pencil movement.

Some of the activities are cross-curricular and often the children are learning without realising it. These types of things include the weather plate and the snakes and ladders game.

The snakes and ladders game had two versions, one to colour and the other had some tricky pieces to cut out then attach them to the board, using pencil, crayons or felt-tip pens, carefully staying in the lines.

The Snake Activity

Children had to cut out the head of the snake, which they chose the colour of. Then they cut out strips of different coloured paper to link together to make the body, finally they cut out a tail to complete the activity.

There is only a short amount of time at lunch for this club so activities are kept as simple as possible for the children then they get them finished.


Pudsey Bear